“I love tea” at only $2000/box, Diana, who just graduated from the University of British Columbia, is setting out to prove to her parents she can make it on her own. Instead of taking over her family’s business, this 3rd generation heiress will be trying her hand in producing her own real estate app.  “Life is too short to just have one favourite clothing brand”, Diana speaks English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

This feisty fashionista is has her own modelling agency, PLY Talent Management. Pam came to Canada at age 12 and she has been in the modeling industry since she was 17.  Pam also has a bachelor degree in commerce from UBC Sauder School of Business.  Her drink of choice, Nikka Whiskey.

Chelsea just gave the birth to her son in the second season.  Chelsea graduated with honours from the University of British Columbia, majoring in math and minor in economics. Chelsea grew up in Ottawa, and lived Beijing, Austria and now in Vancouver. “I miss my wine and straw!”, Chelsea favours the jewellery of Van Clef for it’s simple timeless look, shoes of Jimmy Choo for his forward but elegant designs and Balenciaga their versatile and creative handbags. . "Fazioli, Ravioli?" Chelsea has met with piano maker Paolo Fazioli himself in Sacile, Italy, in search for her favorite piano. 

Joy, 23, A fashion marketing graduate and now she’s marketing her own brand of men’s underwear, Endeavour.  Her love of materials, lines and business gave her this obvious next big sexy idea.  Joy is test her strengths and discover her weaknesses as she evolves from being a model to business woman.

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